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Job search advice and assistance including how to find a job, writing job search correspondence, job postings, where to find help, job search tips, and all the resources you need for a successful job search.

Articles & Resources

How to Find a Job
How to get started on a job search and suggestions and strategies for finding a job. Also job search tips and suggestion.
Job Search Tips
Ten time-saving tips that will help your job search go smoothly.

Confidential Job Searching Tips and Techniques
When you don't want your current employer to find out that you're job hunting, there are steps you can take to keep your job search is confidential. Here's how to keep your job search confidential and how to protect your privacy.

Job Fair Participation Tips
Job fair attendance tips and suggestions.

Job Letter Writing Tips
Tips and suggestions for writing job letters that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Job Search Tips: Advice From the Experts
Some of the top experts in job searching and career development techniques have graciously offered their suggestions on how to maximize your potential to land that "special job."

Tips for Effective Job Searching
It's always important to make sure you have covered all the bases when you are in the midst of a job search. Review these ten job search tips to make sure your job hunt is on the right track.

Job Search Toolkit: Professional Job Searching
Before you seek employment make sure you have the appropriate tools for a professional and business-like job search because the first impression you give an employer is the most important one.

How Not to Find a Job
Job searching can be tough enough all by itself. There is no need to make it even harder by doing or saying the wrong thing when job searching or interviewing. Here's a list of what you shouldn't do. These tips might sound simple, but, you might be surprised at how many people make a mistake without thinking much about it. Then wonder why they didn't get a call or didn't get the job.


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