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Working in Mexico The Rules

While illegal immigrants and foreign nationals protest in the streets of the United States of America and promise that this is only the beginning, we ask our selves, if you came here to work, why are you protesting on a Work Day and a the Communist Holiday; May Day in the streets of America? Additionally if you do not like it here, why did you risk your life and break the law to come here in the first place?.Additionally did you know what it takes to get a permanent work VISA in Mexico? Since becoming a Mexican Citizen is virtually impossible? Well here is what is required to attain and secure a permanent work visa called a FM3. This is in addition to a US passport that would have to be shown each time one goes to work.

To apply for the FM3 you will need to submit the following notarized originals (not copies) of your:.1. Birth certificate for you and your spouce.2. Marriage certificate.3.

High school transcripts and proof of graduation.4. College transcripts for every college you attended and proof of graduation.5. Two letters of recommendation from supervisors you have worked for at least one year.

6. A letter from the Chief of Police indicating you have no arrest record in the US and no outstanding warrants and was "a citizen in good standing.".

7. Finally; you would be asked to write a letter about your self that clearly stated why there was no Mexican citizen with your skills and why your skills were important to Mexico. You might call it your "I am the greatest person on Earth" letter. It maybe actually fun to write.Well, can you say double standards for working in Mexico? You cannot just go there to start a business or go there and get a job.

It is amazing to me that he illegal aliens break into our country and demand so much. I hope you understand my point, if not pearls to swine one more time. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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