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Working in Ireland

For the past few years Ireland has seen an influx of Eastern Europeans coming to the country to find better paid work than they will find in their home country. Many are disappointed and go home fairly soon after arriving, having spent a large part of their savings finding out that the Green Isle is not quite as inviting as they thought it would be. It is still easy to find a job in Ireland. For new immigrants finding work is only the first problem and quite often it is one of the simplest problems to solve.

There are a multitude of recruitment agencies in Dublin and around the rest of the country; they are well versed in finding jobs and lowering the expectations of the newly arrived. The salaries on offer for Eastern European are not as high as many are lead to believe before they come here. The biggest demand for workers is in three specific areas: 1 Low skilled factory and shop workers; there is still a huge demand in this area as most Irish citizens don't want to work in these companies due to the low salaries. Wages are at or just above the minimum wage of 8.

65 euro per hour. Unfortunately when viewed from Eastern Europe that amount can still seem attractive, it is not when it comes to paying for any goods or services in Ireland. 2 Semi-skilled administration staff. Examples of this type of work include call centers, banking staff, insurance administration, and contract security. Employees will have much better pay and benefits; however they will still only be earning between 20,000 and 25,000 euro.

These employees are often employed below their skill level and therefore suffer a great amount of frustration at work. However they are able to live in reasonable comfort and save or send money home. 3 High-skilled. The new entrants who fall into this category are doctors, skilled tradesmen, computer engineers, anyone who has a highly sought after skill and good education. The lucky few in this category will earn very high salaries in the +50,000 bracket. It is worth bearing in mind that the average wage in Ireland is 38,000 and half of the population earn less than this.

Housing, food, travel, and entertainment; all of these are very expensive and among the highest prices in Europe. Work in Ireland provides all the information for new entrants to Ireland, how to find a job, how to find good living accommodation, opening a bank account, and all the necessary small details required when first living in Ireland.

Leslie Gilmour writes for Work in Ireland where they have information about moving to Ireland.

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