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Waterloo Ontario Home to Research in Motion

The city of Waterloo is the very definition of a mid size Canadian city. Located in Ontario, Waterloo has a population of around 100,000, slightly more when the student population, which attends classes at the University of Waterloo, is counted in. In addition to the usual job opportunities that a similarly sized community would have to offer, Waterloo is known for the numerous options that employees based in the high tech sector have in the city.

In fact, the presence of many suitable individuals in the area have led to several important companies locating or building their businesses in the city, which was named Top Intelligent Community in 2007. One of the companies that have headquarters located in Waterloo, and which truly has made a lasting and international contribution to technology, is Research in Motion. Research in Motion Mike Lazaradis, who had moved to Canada from his native Turkey as a child, founded the company, Research in Motion in 1998. The company focused on creating high end communication technology, its first major creation being a two way wireless technology Mobitex device used for paging and for transmitting email.

Shortly after the development of the Mobitex, in early 1999, Research in Motion launched the product that would put it, and Waterloo, on the map: the Blackberry. The Blackberry The Blackberry is a handheld, wireless device that is used for browsing the Internet, emailing, text messaging, and as a telephone. Basically, it is a cellular phone and a desktop computer rolled into a small device that can be easily carried anywhere and which relies on no wires to perform. Today it is a staple of many business people, politicians, and others who need access to a wide variety of information sources at virtually any time.

The successful launch and the varied uses of the Blackberry have allowed it to revolutionize the way in which business and politics are conducted all over the world. Today, Lazaradis is still a part of the Research in Motion company as co-CEO, and makes his home in the community where it all started, Waterloo. The success of the company and its products is truly inspirational to the city and to similar sized cities across the nation.

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