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Teaching the Next Generation Teaching Positions for UK Graduates

One of the most noble professions for education graduates in the United Kingdom and Europe is to teach in primary and secondary schools. The constant demand for qualified and enthusiastic graduates to take teaching positions at all levels in the United Kingdom means that there is always a market for teaching professionals. However, education graduates need to consider the hard work that goes into the teaching profession before entering the job market. After the first degree is completed, graduates then need to earn Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to work in public and private schools. Charter schools and independent educational centers often requires their teachers to have QTS before starting work.

The British government has also created a fast track program for teachers with the Teach First program. Teach First allows graduates to enter an intensive learning program the summer after graduation and work their way toward QTS through on-the-job experience. The daily schedule of a teaching professional in the United Kingdom also can be incredibly stressful for new graduates.

The school day starts early in the morning and lasts into the late afternoon, with a fast paced schedule of classes requiring a teacher to stay on their toes. Teachers need to enforce school policies and their own classroom rules while teaching course materials in a way that is interesting and fun for the students. New graduates are often surprised at the number of obligations they have to fulfill after the workday is done.

Teachers need to prepare daily and weekly course materials, develop grade reports, meet with concerned parents, and attend meetings with school administrators. The stresses of the average teacher's work days are relieved by a variety of professional and personal factors. Teachers receive a decent wage in their early years in the profession, making around 30,000 pounds per year.

Depending on the pay scale for public or private teaching, teachers can expect gradual pay increases over the long term. Teachers often receive extensive benefits and pension packages to make up for low annual raises. As well, teachers who show initiative and receive additional education can advance to school administration positions with higher profiles and salaries.

The most rewarding aspect of the teaching profession, however, is the ability to mold the minds of every child that sits in a teacher's classroom. Graduates who pursue education careers often do so in an effort to make their mark on future generations and contribute to an educated public.

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