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Surviving as an Expatriate In Rome Do As The Romans Do

As a result of technological advancement and globalization, more and more people are relocating and finding jobs overseas. In fact, there are niche agencies that exist to help plan the whole process, ensuring a smooth transition. Still, even with expert help, expatriates are often faced with many difficult issues when trying to find a job in a new country.

The primary opposition simply comes from the fact that you are an expatriate. In order to overcome the cultural divide and achieve your goal of finding a great job in your new home, be a quick learner. Learn how to interpret cultural gestures and facial expressions, and learn the lingo. Failure to do so can make your job market activity experience a frustrating venture, creating invisible employment barriers that you may not even be aware of. The good news is that simply being cognizant about how to overcome employment barriers will put you on the course to successfully achieving your job goal.

So, as a start, be quick to embrace and emulate your new country's job market and workplace code of conduct. Second, work to establish contacts who can direct you to others who are likely to be helpful. Actively build a network of people who can direct you to the quickest and best way of achieving your job goal.

Networking is the key, so reach out to your friends and any contacts you may already have. An ideal networking contact is an established individual who has successfully overcome the challenges of being an expatriate. You definitely don't want to take lessons from someone who is having difficulties making the transition! Better still, look for a role model who has emigrated from the same country as yourself so that he or she can provide specific and applicable advice for making this same transition. Take the time to learn what he or she did, and then do likewise. Finally, conduct a self-analysis to help determine how best to redefine your past skills, experience and qualifications in language that is appropriate to your new country's job market.

The last thing you want to do is use jargon or terms that are inappropriate and cannot be understood, as this will only serve to discredit and disadvantage you in the employer's eyes. So, as a primary guideline in looking for a good job in a new country, always follow the rules set forth by that country's job market. Your most important market research is to learn about your industry and its requirements so that you can self-evaluate and make the necessary appropriate adjustments to compete at the required competency level.

Above all, never make assumptions in any of your job market activities. Base everything you do on facts revealed by research. To start the process off in the right way, make sure you take the time to self-evaluate how well prepared you are to skillfully handle your job market activities. To help jumpstart the process, take this FREE Job Market Performance Assessment.

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