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Surmounting Challenges to Graduate Accountancy Professionals

There are many obstacles facing graduate accountancy professionals as they emerge from the classroom into the corporate world. The myth that accountancy degrees guarantee great wages and job stability needs to be dispelled before you pursue your postgraduate career. A graduate accountancy professional who is familiar with the challenges ahead in her career can prepare from day one to surmount every roadblock. The competition has expanded from local to international applicants for graduate accountancy jobs. Accounting firms are able to recruit for graduate accountancy jobs on a larger scale due to the Internet. The use of online job websites along with virtual meetings and interviews means that firms can speak to a candidate from the other side of the world without much trouble.

Your application and CV need to explain why you are the best-qualified person for a particular position. Graduate accountancy jobs require navigation around multiple local, state and national regulatory roadblocks. There are various levels of certification needed by graduate accountants before the first spreadsheet can be reviewed. Your certification in multiple states and regions can help you expand the number of jobs available after you graduate with an accountancy degree. The high standards set within a corporate setting provide an enormous amount of stress for accountancy graduates. Accounting firms require graduates to step in the first day and work long hours to complete massive projects.

Potential employers are facing fierce competition from national and multinational companies for a finite number of clients. You need to be comfortable with exceeding corporate standards and learning new standards on the fly to succeed in graduate accountancy jobs. There are extraordinary standards set within the accountancy industry on every professional by advocacy organisations.

A multitude of non-profit watchdog and industry groups promote transparency as well as clean book keeping to help accountancy firms stay on the right track. Your individual projects as an accountant help your employer meet industry goals which increases public esteem and drives up the calibre of clientele. The X factor for graduate accountancy professionals is the state of the economy in any given quarter. Accountancy firms use periods of economic success to bring in graduates and entry-level accountants for proper training. Recessions and other economic downturns force accounting firms to look for experienced accountants instead of graduates for efficient book keeping.

You need to gear your search for graduate accountancy jobs based on the winds of economic change.

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