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Quitting Your Job Can Be A Reality

Many people wake up exhausted each morning. They are a victum of corporate burnout. What's interesting is how many of them are doing something about it.

In fact millions of people have left the corporate world to become internet marketers, freelancer workers, independent contractors, and small business owners. Thanks to the internet anyone living anywhere can join them. For many of us we bought into the 40 year plan. Graduate high school or college. Find a nice job.

Work hard. Get promoted. Save your money and in 40 years you can retire. But something happens along the way. You look around and see people who have actually worked for 40 years retiring with less money to live on than they had when they were working. Do you want that for yourself and your spouse? Perhaps you are beginning to hate your job, hate the office politics, the stress and the hours are increasing as you bear more responsibilities as the years went by.

You are disillusioned. After the weekends and holidays are over, you still have to drag yourself back to office. I personally found Sunday night to be my least favorite time of the week and Friday night my favorite. Naturally as we become more educated and aware of what is going on around us we demand more out of our life. We want more than just money and job security.

We wanted to be passionate about the work we do. We want to make a difference and be successful in our own lives. We want to do things like traveling, volunteer for charity work, spend more time with our love ones, spend more time on our hobbies, etc. etc. What is holding us back? All the possibilities are there for us to realize.

But we cannot do this with a job telling us when we can take vacation and when we have to come back to work. However it takes lots of guts to take the first step. Perhaps you worry too much.

Can you afford to quit our job. What will the future hold. Yet, when you look around you see people with guts and dreams who are walking away from their misery to a future of excitement and unlimited potential.

Here's my advice. Before you quit your job make sure you do your homework. Do all you can to find out what you need and to be successful. Get all the resources you need from books, seminars and workshops. The internet has a lot of resources available too. Most of them are free so look around.

Network with as many successful entrepreneurs as you can. Work out your finances and budget. Begin to put a plan in place.

You will find that just the process of getting ready to give your 2 weeks notice is very liberating. Soon you can begin to enjoy your life and be happy and dream again.

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