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Permanent Recruitment Concerns for the Average Business

The process of applying and interviewing for a new job obscure an applicant's view of what employers search for during permanent recruitment. An applicant takes hours of his time to fill out background information without thinking about why companies are asking for these details. You need to appreciate the goals set by a company during permanent recruitment to guide your quest for a long-term position. Every employer wants to know that an applicant is committed to the company over the long term before making a final decision.

The use of permanent recruitment takes a significant amount of time, energy and money for a hiring company. The hard work of recruiters, interviewers and trainers cannot be wasted on candidates who will leave in the near future. You should look long and hard at your career objectives to determine if you meet this initial criterion. A continuous work history from college through the present helps an applicant garner attention during permanent recruitment drives.

Most companies look through job histories to find unexplained holes. These holes are used in interviews to weed out candidates who have switched careers and lack experience for a particular position. You need to be able to fill in these holes with reasonable expectations like starting a family and illnesses if you want to please potential employers.

The compatibility of an applicant with current staff members and other applicants should not be overlooked. One way companies test the chemistry between applicants and current employees is the use of group interviews. These interviews allow experienced staff to write out questions dealing with daily responsibilities and assess the communication skills of applicants. These group interviews rarely form a majority of the decision-making process though applicants should act natural to develop rapport with potential colleagues.

Recruiters and managers will look at permanent recruitment in financial terms when multiple applicants fit the aforementioned criteria. A company using permanent recruitment will look at the initial costs of hiring an employee. This cost is compared to the benefits of greater efficiency and decreased stress by other staffers to determine the value of the hiring decision. The annual savings of an individual hiring decision are extrapolated over multiple years to determine how an applicant fits into a company's long term goals.

You need to demonstrate that your skills, experiences and personal style will be a good investment for an employer before you accept a job.

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