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MBA The Master of Business Administration And Your Career

Holding an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree used to be a virtual guarantee of a good job and high paying salary.While the benefits of holding an MBA don't necessarily guarantee that you'll get a better job and more money anymore, holding the designation can certainly help you in more ways than one.I graduated from an undergraduate business program and found myself in the same classroom as MBA students during my senior year. We essentially took some of the same classes and I got to see firsthand how MBA classes operate.Generally, classes were based on course work, case studies, exams, projects and class participation.Verbally participating in class can be a big component of your final mark in MBA programs.

As a recruiter, I've worked with plenty of companies who won't hire a new staff member if they don't hold a certain level of education ie. a university degree.In some companies, advancement to senior management could be at least somewhat dependent on holding a post graduate degree such as an MBA especially if other managers in the company already hold one.In that regard, holding an MBA might help to qualify you for certain jobs that might otherwise be unattainable.Among other things, an MBA can also help prepare you to compete in the business world by developing your communications and presentation skills, improve your ability to debate and get your point across in a business setting, and expose you to various business functions ie. finance, marketing, HR, etc.

Further it helps you to understand how each of these business functions work together and are correlated in the business world.

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com/mba.html.Carl Mueller is an Internet entrepreneur and professional recruiter who has written an ebook for career-minded individuals: http://www.RecruiterSecretsRevealed.

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By: Carl Mueller

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