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Illegal Aliens and the Carwash Business Discussed

Most people are well aware of those businesses in the United States of America who routinely hire illegal aliens and illegal immigrants who have snuck over the US-Mexican border and come to our great nation illegally. In fact most people can rattle off 5 or 6 industries where illegal aliens typically work and most US citizens are well aware of why these employers are hiring them and about the average wage these people work for.Most Americans realize that the business owners exploit and degrade these people to attain higher profits for themselves and do so knowing that they are hiring illegal aliens who are a severe burden on the taxpayer, yet do not care, as they only see their own short term profits and do not care about the United States of America, our economy or your children's future with no social security, a government in severe debt and a country in ruin.Most people are also aware that there are illegal aliens and illegal immigrants working at their local carwash, yet they say nothing, even though their car wash owner there is one of those greedy human rights exploiters who is allowing these illegal aliens a reason to come here and knows darn good and well the problems this causes for our economy. Most people will not turn in their local car wash and therefore most people are complete hypocrites and most of these people should shut up or make that call.

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By: Lance Winslow

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