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Though Quanta provides recruitment services to various sectors of the economy, the company is not a traditional recruitment agency. This is because the company also offers a range of value added services to their corporate clients. Quanta Sensus is a suite of services which have been designed to help companies to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their human capital.

It is worth mentioning that these services are not simply a set of theories, but rather, they are a set of tried and tested resource management techniques. Quanta has been able to successfully deploy these services to a substantial number of global enterprises. Quanta Sensus enables Quanta to provide advice and guidance to companies who are looking to implement effective human capital strategies. The usefulness of the Quanta Sensus in today's unpredictable and volatile economic environment cannot be over-emphasized.

A company who chooses to patronize the services provided by Quanta Sensus will enjoy benefits such as resource management, cost control, increase organizational adaptability, improve communication and clarify the objectives of the organization. During times of economic uncertainty, firms might be tempted to opt for cost reducing techniques which might significantly affect the efficiency of the business. Using Quanta Sensus ensures that a company takes full advantage of scale economies without having to jeopardize the proper functioning of its operations. There is no doubt that Quanta Sensus can help an organization meet its short term and strategic objectives.

Quanta Sensus also assists companies with protecting their intellectual capital and expanding their capabilities. The Quanta Sensus model can be applied holistically to a company or in a fragmented manner. Each aspect of the model can be incorporated into the organization's framework without interfering with its existing functions. The key areas of the Quanta Sensus include resource optimization, resource services and resource consultancy. The resource services is designed to help companies find employees whose skills and experiences will enhance the workings of the business.

This service also saves employers time, reduces their workload and allows for skills transfer. Interim services, contract recruitment, permanent recruitment, search, resource management and team sourcing are the key services which come with the resource services. The resource optimization service is aimed at reducing an organization labor turnover of skilled staff. This service allows firms to retain its most productive human capital.

Finally, the resource consultancy helps firms manage skills, competencies and knowledge through out their organization.

Stephen Trigg is the CEO of Quanta Consultancy Services, the leader provider of Staffing company.

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