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Graduate Jobs In the Telecommunications Field

One of the hottest fields in the United Kingdom and Europe today is the telecommunications market. Companies that began giving local telephone services have expanded over the last decade to provide cellular phone service, cable television, Internet service, and streaming data services. Graduates from throughout the United Kingdom are familiar with telecommunications companies, as many of them have cellular phones and computers that utilize these services. Telecommunications companies have expanded into some of the most competitive in the general market today, requiring bold leadership and fresh young minds to maintain a competitive edge. Graduates interested in staying on the cutting edge while making a living should consider telecommunications jobs. There is a plethora of jobs open to graduates who want to break into the telecommunications field.

Graduates with a strong work ethic and excellent communications skills should consider working as sales professionals at cellular providers or phone companies. Young professionals with an eye for creativity and marketing can work in the ever important advertising department of a telecommunications company. Other positions at telecommunications firms, like engineering and information technology, require technical knowledge and a commitment to staying a cut above the rest. The job market is wide open for telecommunications companies, with many international companies setting up shop in the UK and Europe. Graduates should know that the job market for telecommunications professionals is promising for the next decade, with more and more people embracing the need for the newest technology.

Competition for entry level jobs is fierce but it is a graduate friendly market, with many companies offering incentive programs for excellent candidates who make it through training. Entry level sales professionals in the telecommunications field can expect to make around 25,000 pounds. The big prize for these entry level professionals, however, come with quarterly and annual sales incentives. Advancement within the telecommunication industry can come fast for graduates who demonstrate a strong set of professional skills. Graduates who demonstrate an ability to communicate with a diverse group of colleagues can often ascend to management positions.

These positions offer better perks and salaries starting at 35,000 pounds with incentives based on department success. As well, graduates who show a particular aptitude for developing catchy advertising campaigns can move up quickly to advertising and account executive positions. These positions offer salaries over 40,000 pounds and an opportunity to manage major national and international accounts. The telecommunications industry offers a lot of opportunity for graduates looking for something big to do with their lives.

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