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Government IT Consultant Positions In The UK

In the United Kingdom, there is no greater proponent of technological modernisation than government agencies. Local, state, and national governments are moving away from paper records and placing public data in databases available to anyone with an Internet connection. As well, government offices of all types are converting their computing equipment in order to facilitate efficiency for the average government worker. Finally, government in the UK is encouraging businesses and individuals to improve their access to information technology through a number of initiatives.

In all, the United Kingdom is becoming a hot market for IT services and jobs. The various levels of government in the United Kingdom cannot promote information technology nor improve their IT lot without the help of talented consultants. Graduates, young professionals, and experienced consultants alike can find work at various levels of government in England, Scotland, and Wales. Talented IT professionals who take these positions often pursue employment in public positions in order to earn a wage while serving the public interest. However, consultants need to know where to find the best opportunities for them in the government agencies of the UK. Perhaps the best place for an entry level IT professional to break into government service is through the Home Office.

The Home Office is responsible for a variety of domestic and social policies in Great Britain, including crime prevention and counterterrorism. As recently as 2007, the British government gave additional responsibilities to the Home Office to protect the public from the dangers of violent crime. As such, this government agency needs talented IT consultants to establish databases, websites, and ensure that information networks are working around the clock.

The biggest task for Home Office consultants is the maintenance of the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, or HOLMES, which is used by police in their investigations. Not every office in UK government has as grave a responsibility as the Home Office but all have a need for talented IT consultants. Ministerial departments like the Department of Health and Office of the Leader of the House of Commons need consultants to help set up office networks that connect to larger government resources. Non-ministerial offices like the Office of Rail Regulation are often inundated with government reports, safety documentation, and other information from their inspectors. IT consultants need to be able to develop solutions that will allow easy access by government workers to this information with a few clicks of a button.

Steve Bishop is the Managing Partner of Damia Group. The company specialise in information technology jobs and UK recruitment solutions as well as IT jobs in Europe.

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