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First Step to a Career in Defence

Making that first career step in to the defence sector is seldom an easy task for even the most qualified of job candidates. This is because the defence sector job market is becoming increasingly competitive. Finding a suitable role within this sector is not only dependent on credentials and experience, but also on specialist job market knowledge and useful employment contacts. Furthermore, many of the top aerospace/defence sector employers such GKN, Agusta Westland, Rolls Royce and MoD usually patronise the services of reputable recruitment agencies.

As such, these recruitment firms are able to obtain a full understanding of the technical, cultural and organisational requirements of these top employers. This also means that they are able to get a first look on some of the best defence sector roles on the market. The benefits of all this can be passed from the recruitment agency over to their candidates. This will result in the fact that their candidates will have a higher probability of securing desirable job placements. It is also worth mentioning that very few recruitment firms provide extensive support to their candidates even after a placement has been secured. This can often make it difficult for candidates to settle down in their new roles.

As a result, candidates might fail to make effective organisational contributions and would be less likely to make career progress. There are a number of good examples of recruitment agencies which have a full understanding of all the issues raised here. These are companies which are completely dedicated to providing a fully customised recruitment service which meets the exact needs of both their candidate and corporate clients. The conduct of their operations and business framework is built of a foundation of honesty and integrity. This is why they can be regarded as the market leaders for the provision of defence sector recruitment solutions.

In fact, over the last few decades, these companies have held the top positions in the defence recruitment industry. Over the years, many recruitment firms have adopted their business framework and ideas. So even today, it is no wonder that an increasing number of firms and individuals are choosing to patronise the services of these agencies. Regardless of whether a client seeks recruitment solutions for a permanent or contract defence sector role, or a role in the UK or overseas, top notch recruiting firms have the expertise and experience to provide them with effective recruitment solutions.

Wynnwith defence specialise in defence jobs, engineering jobs, and in particular aerospace engineer jobs and mechanical engineer jobs. The company are a leading provider of candidates to some of the most recognised aerospace and aviation companies worldwide.

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