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Finding The Right Banking Support Position For Your Career Goals

At banks throughout the United Kingdom, people are accustomed to seeing the people at the counter and behind desks as they walk into the bank lobby. These representatives, consultants, and analysts are the face of a banking organization and provide a friendly smile on the often unpleasant business of financial planning. However, customers often are unaware that behind these counters and underneath the bank, there are a variety of banking support professionals working to keep the bank functional for every client that walks through the door.

While the customer service representatives offer a friendly smile to clients, bank support professionals allow these representatives the security and ease of mind in order to provide that smile. Banking support positions can run a wide gamut of jobs. Smaller banks often employ young professionals part time in order to enter deposit information, pick up bank deposits at satellite offices, and process other data using networked computers. As well, satellite offices and banking centres alike usually have at least one IT professional in their building or on call in order to maintain online account information and processing programs.

Other support positions include accountants and corporate buyers, who purchase items necessary for daily job tasks. Young graduates and professionals who are interested in the banking industry but want to use their unique skills set should consider banking support. Banking support positions offer similar salaries to more obvious banking positions, great experiences for young professionals, and the flexibility to meet a graduate's outside commitments. Furthermore, professionals who get involved in support positions receive the gratitude of their co-workers and know that their work allows the bank to run smoothly on a daily basis.

Those who want banking support positions without the rigors of the job hunt should work with a recruiting agency. Recruiting agencies provide a wide range of resources to the banking support professional in need of a new job. Experienced recruiters at agencies in the UK and Europe can learn about reassessing their CV while young professionals can learn how to interview more effectively for banking positions. Most agencies are providing resources like online job sites, instant messaging with recruiters, and ongoing professional development courses in order to keep their recruits happy and highly functional in the workplace. Banking professionals need to find the agency that meets their needs.

Younger professionals looking for project banking support with a local bank may consult with a regional recruiter while other professionals looking for a career in bank facilities management may want to consult with an international recruiter. In either case, professionals need to consult with an agency to avoid the headaches of the job search.

Roger Dursley is the Managing Director of iTS European, a specialist IT recruitment agency in the UK. iTS European focus on jobs in Europe and IT recruitment services.

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