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Finding The Right Advertising Sales Position For You

The ideal advertising professional has to have a specific skill set in order to be successful in advertising sales. Like most sales people, advertising sales people need to have the ability to boil down complex ideas and abstract thoughts into a quick pitch. This skill combines an ability to understand the advertising business, the needs of individual clients with very specific goals, and an ability to communicate with diverse groups of people.

As well, an advertising sales professional needs to possess a commitment to excellence and a desire to be successful in every meeting they have. This combination of desire and communication skills turns a sales professional into an advertising superstar. However, even the best or most talented advertising sales professionals can find it difficult to land their dream job. Advertising companies and sales departments throughout the UK and Europe are facing stiff competition from international companies and insurgent businesses within their own back yard. As well, the rising number of graduates has meant that companies have to turn away more and more talented professionals on a quarterly basis.

Finally, with busy hiring managers and executives performing interviews, it can be tough for a sales professional to make their name known. While working with a recruiting agency may feel like a sign of defeat to high energy, dedicated sales professionals, it is actually an admission that they are wiser than their colleagues. Recruiting agencies can help talented advertising sales people turn their potential into real results in the work place. It all starts with the application process, where recruiters and other staff members review individual applicants.

Their assessment covers several areas, including available positions through the agency and the skill level at which the professionals is at when joining the agency. After an advertising professional is accepted into a recruiting agency, there is a typically a period of training and assessment. During training, young professionals are taught the basics of the advertising sales profession while learning broader skills for success in the workplace. Individual sessions with recruiters, trainers, and coaches can help a professional learn the best way to interview, dress for the job, communicate with coworkers, and more. Finally, many agencies are beginning to utilize sales simulations and other hands-on activities to let their recruits practice the skills they have learned.

With all of these tools at their disposal and the strong support of an agency at their back, an advertising sales professional is ready to make it in their dream job.

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