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Fast online University Degrees Is it really possible

We all use email right?. Like me, I guess you have seen those annoying unsolicited emails popping into your inbox almost daily with claims like: "Get your College Degree - Nobody Refused" Call: 1800-XXXX-XXXX" 24 hrs I was curious, but there is no way I was going to put money into a spammers pocket. A quick search on google for "fast online degrees" turned up a service called "INSTANTDEGREES DOTCOM" offering the same thing but advertising legitimately with adwords. A nice site actually, which greets the visitor with a real-life blonde presenter who explains the secret system and advantage of "getting a college degree in just days by exploiting tried & tested legal loopholes" Boasting to have been in the business since 2001, a quick whois search confirmed they are truthful: Record created on 10-Apr-2001 Record expires on 10-Apr-2012.

Okay! Now i'm excited. This is no fly-by-night website, my curiosity is heightened even further. I decide on my DEGREE & DISCIPLINE and click thru CCNOW's 3rd Party CC cart and pay my $120 USD. 5 days later my ´Graduation Package´ arrived in the mail.

Just as the website promises, I got an VERY high quality diploma, complete with Holographic Security and a REAL Gold Foil seal, not one of those trashy stick-on seals. The actual embossing of the seal was much better than expected. Not "off-the-shelf" like a padlock or an eagle or something. It was actually a professionally created custom embossing truly representing the logo of the University.

What else did I get? Oh yes! A Private Accreditation Certificate, a letter of introduction, the URL of the college merchandise store, a transcript application form, and details on how to obtain a discount Government Apostille for my diploma too. Would this service helpful for everybody? My thoughts are, if you don't have a college degree, then yes. Just remember, Private Accreditation has some limitations, for instance, applying for Federal Education Grants or a Teaching Job.

Both of those things usually require a degree with Regional Accreditation. In my opinion. The main benefits of this service focus on it's legality. It is 100% legal to do. But is it Moral to do? Well.

I guess that's up to you!.

Vanquish Design is the owner of Instant Degrees and Apostille.

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