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Earn More Than More Than You Do Now Over The Next Years

Ladies and gentlemen.If you are like most people, you are finding it more difficult to pay your bills as easily today as you did a few years ago. After all, gas prices are much hire.

Commuting costs are higher. Food prices are increasing. Health, life and auto insurance costs are increasing.

The cost of you morning coffee is higher. Lunch at your desk costs more. Your morning newspaper costs more.And your salary is increasing by 4 or 5% per year.Do you want to increase your earnings by more than $54000 over the next 5 years?.

If you answered yes, the way to do this is to change jobs once for a $10000 raise and get a 4% raise each year.That's it.Change jobs once for a $10000 raise and get a modest 4% raise.Now if you change jobs for a $15000 raise and get a 4% raise, you will earn $76000 more.

The numbers are even more striking if you change jobs twice.Change jobs once for $10000.Year one: You earn $10000 more.

Year two: You earn $10400.Year three: You earn $10816.Year four, you get a $10000 raise. You earn $20816 more.Year five, you earn $21648 more.In other words, over 5 years, you'll earn more than $73000 more than you do today.

If your two raises are for $15000 each.Year one, you'll earn $15000 more than you do today.Year two, you'll earn $15600 more than you do today.Year three, you'll earn $16224 more than you do today.Year four, you'll earn $31224 more than you do today.Year five, you'll earn $32472 more than you do today.

By changing jobs twice and earning $15000 more each time, YOU WILL EARN $110520 MORE THAN YOU DO TODAY.So, unless you are independently wealthy, you need to change jobs in order to move ahead financially in the current system.Jeff Altman Concepts in Staffing

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.Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, is Managing Director with Concepts in Staffing, a New York search firm, He has successfully assisted many corporations identify management leaders and staff in technology, accounting, finance, sales, marketing and other disciplines since 1971. He is a certified leader of the ManKind Project, a not for profit organization that assists men with life issues, and a practicing psychotherapist.

To subscribe to Jeff's free job search ezine, Head Hunt Your Own Job, or receive a daily digest of positions emailed to you, go to you would like Jeff and his firm to assist you with hiring staff, or if you would like help with a strategic job change, send an email to him at (If you're looking for a new position, include your resume).

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By: Jeff Altman

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