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Technology has changed the face of distance learning. From the mailbox to the internet, distance learning has gone through transformations that have made it what it is today. The print aspect of distance learning is still ever present because of the need to ensure that the student can read and write.

Instructional media are very important in distance learning, especially online. Instructional media refers to the use of selected media to teach students who are located in remote areas of the country or the world. Satellite e-learning refers to the use of the satellite to transmit educational information to a group of students or to a student.

Satellite e-learning dictates to the student so he or she has to be present at the time broadcast is made.

Distance learning or distance education is all about convenience. It is a practice or avenue that gives you the opportunity to school from home without actually going to the school. Many people practice it these days, especially those who are incapable due to a handicap or some other obligation that ties them down to their present location.

After the University of London awarded distance learning degrees in 1858, the University of South Africa followed suit in 1946.

It was not too long after, in 1974, that Germany launched its own Open University. But that was not before that of the UK that was founded in 1969.

All over the world, notwithstanding the fact that it is considered obsolete in some several circles, many institutions still use radio broadcasts in distance learning. In India for instance, the FM Channel is still very popular and used by universities to broadcast educational programs. One cannot argue against its effectiveness in this wise because India remains one of the worlds leaders in technology advancements.

The biggest challenge that distance learning faces today is that of writing and monitoring examinations.

Since there is no way to be entirely certain that the student is not cheating, many critics argue that there is little integrity in the awards that area awarded.

Distance learning is devoid of the classroom setting. You can partake of a distance learning program in your home or during your lunch break. Distance learning is not determined by your position on the global map.

Good study habits, determination and focus are all ingredients that can help to make you stand out in your distance learning program. Bear in mind that the minute you take distance learning for granted, you will fail.


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