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Developing a Toolkit for Innovation in Engineering Jobs

The years of training required to become an engineer can cause some creative fatigue on the part of a young professional. Student engineering projects require a deep focus on details as well as the creation of a new project from thin air to meet course requirements. Engineering professionals certainly have the former without getting the freedom to do the latter. Many engineers are allowed to provide input but builders and executives who are spending millions of pounds on a project have the final say. Engineers need to keep their skills sharp and their imagination active for the day when they gain enough clout to have input in the creative sides of projects.

One way an engineer can conjure imaginative ideas is to look at everyday events and objects through an engineering lens. Engineers should be able to visually dissect the geometric shapes of a tree, a house and a table to recreate a new object. These games of visual creativity can help an engineer see the sleek lines of a blueprint as a stroke of genius instead of an act of tedious labour. Engineers need to be familiar with the work of their colleagues to avoid replication. An engineer who is working on a roadway project and wants to share a creative approach to traffic management may find that a colleague has beat her to the punch.

A good way to avoid the problem of replication and gain new ideas to emulate in future projects is the use of industry publications. Academic and commercial journals on engineering can help anyone in engineering jobs stay conversant in the latest trends. The solution to mental fatigue and "engineer's block" for those in engineering jobs is to develop partnerships with fellow engineers. Engineers work with designers, specialists and other professionals on each project to ensure a good final product. An engineer can reach out to her fellow engineers on a regular basis to talk about professional stresses, side projects and publication opportunities that are difficult for one person to do. These relationships make engineering jobs more personally enriching and provide the foundation for projects down the road.

A final way in which engineers can spark their imagination is to look at past engineering feats. This research can begin in the archives of the engineering firm to find innovative ideas by past engineers that can be used for future projects. Engineers need to look beyond their office to find the great engineering feats that inspire students to take up engineering. Monuments like the Egyptian Pyramids, the Panama Canal and the Roman Aqueducts can electrify the most staid engineers.

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