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Construction Gratifying and Rewarding

How valuable do you consider your current job to be? Sure, every occupation provides some sort of service; otherwise, the position or the company would not exist. However, can you honestly say that you make a difference in people's lives? Or, like many people, do you question the motivation for performing your thankless task day in and day out? With the training offered by the National Heavy Equipment Operators School, this answer should be a far more gratifying one. Construction is one of the few industries in which employees can often say, "Yes, I did make a difference." Many construction jobs are designed for the convenience and the necessity of the populace.

As an example, the massive T-Rex highway renovation project has been ongoing for the past five years in Denver, Colorado. As part of this multi-billion dollar deal, thousands of people have been employed for the purpose of easing traffic congestion and bringing Denver's transportation services up to date. In addition to jobs such as these that affect people in the city, Department of Transportation officials often rely on private contractors to clear mountain roads or to make safer rural thoroughfares.

These projects represent employment that truly does make a difference in people's lives. Even more than these examples, construction jobs can sometimes affect the nation as a whole. Construction companies are often called upon by private and governmental agencies for projects such as soil conservation, flood control, and disaster cleanup, and heavy machinery operation is an integral part of that.

We all saw the demonstrated the dramatic effects, both good and bad, that construction can have when Hurricane Katrina came ashore last year. In instances such as these, the job that you perform as a heavy equipment operator can directly impact the livelihoods of thousands. National's training program provides the knowledge and the skills necessary to embark upon jobs such as these.

Our program is the only one in the United States that is nationally accredited, and as such it is universally recognized to be and offer the best. It is our goal to set up each and every one of our graduates with entry-level operator jobs, and a large number of the more than 25,000 graduates that have passed through National's doors have found just that. Even more importantly, many of those same people have found themselves actually making a difference in the world through their training and occupation.

For more information go to or phone 1.800.488.7364. has training over 30,000 Heavy Equipment Operators.

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