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Boot Camp Deciding Where You Belong in the Military

While many people lump the "military" all in one group, each branch is different from boot camp to the role that it plays in protecting our country and interests throughout the world. If you are thinking about joining the military, you may want to look at what the boot camp or basic training experience for each branch is like. All of the branches focus on the things which will best prepare you for the rest of your military career and your life.The Army boot camp is a 9 week program and one of its many bases across the country.

After you say goodbye to your family and loved ones, you will be evaluated for your fitness level and given your first of many haircuts. Each of the weeks during your boot camp will have a different focus. You will be trained in the classroom and on the field to prepare you mentally and physically for the tasks ahead. Another important aspect of this boot camp is to build a feeling of togetherness. This is your new team and you will be a vital member.The Navy has a training center in Great Lakes Illinois where you will spend the 8 weeks of boot camp becoming a sailor.

You will not only be tested for your physical stamina on land and in the water, you will also be tested for mental toughness in the classroom and in simulations of shipboard emergencies designed to build confidence.As a Marine in boot camp, you will be subjected to 13 weeks of some of the hardest work and training you have ever had in your life. Marines are known for their toughness and this training will ensure that you are up to the task.

You have to pass an initial fitness and health screening before you enter boot camp. But, if you can get through these 13 weeks you can accomplish anything.The Air Force basic training is only 6 weeks long, but it will be some of the most intense mental training that you will ever experience. This elite group learns about the history, tradition, courtesies, and customs of one of the more specialized branches of the military.Coast Guard basic training in Cape May, New Jersey is extremely diverse.

You will learn about law enforcement, recreational boating safety, ice patrol, navigation, search and rescue, and marine and environmental safety.Each branch of the military has a strict code of honor, commitment, and courage. If you are looking for that kind of experience, choose the branch that is right for you.

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By: Eriani Doyel

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