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Benefits To Choosing A Career In Lomi Lomi

It's no secret that massage therapists are in high demand in Australia, however for the person looking to embark on a new career in massage, the multitude of study options can be overwhelming. Should I complete a Certificate IV in massage? Should I commit long-term and complete a diploma in massage? Or should I just start out by learning 1 or 2 massage modalities and see if I like it? These are common questions that people considering a career as a bodywork practitioner find themselves asking. In recent years a growing number of beginning massage students are actually choosing to 'specialize' in just 1 or 2 modalities as opposed to completing a full Diploma, and one of the more popular modalities is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Are there any benefits to doing this? Well, as someone who has built up a successful career in lomi lomi over several years, I can see 5 core benefits to the beginning student, in choosing to study lomi lomi over the other more mainstream courses.

1) Lomi Lomi Is A Very Thorough And Effective Massage Modality. Because the forearms are primarily used in long, continuous, flowing motions along the body, at varying pressures, a much broader surface of the body can be massaged with each and every stroke. Also, the continous flow and rhythm of the massage, as the practitioner moves up and down the length of the body, encourages the receiver to more easily 'switch-off' early in the treatment, resulting in very deep levels of relaxation. After 90 minutes of this (the standard time-frame for a lomi lomi) its not hard to understand why 90% of clients feel like they have really had a thorough, complete and rejuvenating massage after receiving a lomi lomi.

It should also come as no surprise that many lomi lomi therapists, choose to learn it because they had a treatment previously and absolutely loved it. That was certainly the case for me! 2) Lomi Lomi Can Be Learned In A Minimum Amount Of Time. Depending on which lomi lomi school you choose to train with, it's possible to learn how to give an absolutely awesome lomi lomi massage treatment in as little as 1 week, by completing an intensive 'live-in' course.

More mainstream massage modalities such as swedish and sports massage, are generally taught over a much longer period, with classes often spread over a period of weeks or months or even years. Here in Australia, this is particularly the case with Certificate IV and Diploma courses. There are of course more advanced lomi lomi trainings that can be undertaken, but these too can be completed in as little as 1 week per course. 3) Lomi Lomi Allows You To Earn An Income Almost Straight Away. Once you've completed even just a 1 week basic level of lomi lomi, you will have learnt a complete system of massage.

This gives you the ability to start getting clients on the table almost immediately and depending on your level of skill and confidence, you can start charging for treatments as soon as your massage room is set up or at the very least you have a lomi lomi massage table. This means that you can start to recoup the investment you've made in your lomi lomi training a lot sooner than if you were doing a Certificate IV in massage for example, which generally takes several months to complete. 4) Lomi Lomi Empowers The Body, Mind And Spirit. Lomi lomi is performed as an energetic dance in combination with the breath.

The movements of this dance (called 'flying') come from the core/centre of the body, supporting and even strengthening the practitioner while performing the treatment. Also, as the primary tool of the practitioner is their forearms, stress on the hands and fingers is eliminated, unlike many of the mainstream therapies that tend to wear down on the practitioner over time. I am yet to meet a lomi lomi practitioner with carpal tunnel syndrome! Most times a lomi lomi massage will leave 'both' the giver and the receiver feeling relaxed, yet alive and energized. 5) Lomi Lomi Has Become Extremely Poplular With Massage Clients. With more and more people experiencing such profound relaxation and rejuvenation as a result of receiving this amazing Hawaiian lomi lomi, the demand for skilled therapists is very strong.

In fact, in many of the top spas you'll find that lomi lomi is one of if not 'the' most popular treatment on the menu. This was certainly the case after I introduced the lomi lomi to the Spa At Versace on the Gold Coast. In fact, I have been practicing Lomi Lomi for more than 10 years now and I have never been short of clients. I would even go as far as saying at least 8 out of 10 clients, say that lomi lomi is the best massage they have ever had! And guess what, they keep coming back for more! In my experience, being a lomi lomi practitioner has been a very satisfying and fulfilling career choice. Considering the above points, it's clear that Hawaiian Lomi Lomi has much to offer anyone who is looking to embark on a career in massage and considering that massage has become a regular past-time for many Australians, there has never been a better time to learn. The only pre-requisite to studying this beautiful hawaiian bodywork, is a genuine desire to learn, a genuine desire to give and most importantly, a caring heart.

If this sounds like you, a career in lomi lomi may be just what you're looking for.

James Thomas is co-founder of Touch Of Aloha. An organization dedicated to sharing the Hawaiian Healing Arts. Get your free info pack at:

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