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An Introduction To The Academy of International Business

The Academy of International Business (AIB) was established in 1959 and is todays leading association of business scholars and specialists in the field of the international business. The Academy of International Business and has presently three thousand two hundred twenty six members in seventy four different countries all over the globe. AIB members include scholars from leading academic institutions as well as researchers and consultants.

They welcome members from newly industrialized countries, industrialized countries, as well as from developing countries. They are the leading global community of scholars for the creation and distribution of knowledge about business and policy issues. The Academy for International Business goes beyond the boundaries of single academic disciplines and managerial functions to enhance business practice and education.

The official mailing list of the Academy of International Business is the AIB-L. It carries announcements about the academy, chapters, its activities, and members. The AIB-L is also a productive venue for various calls for papers, position announcements, research requests and publishing collaborations as well as other general business posts.

It is highly recommended therefore for all AIB members to subscribe. The first AIB electronic mailing list was originally maintained and initiated as the AIBNET by Tagi Sagafi-Nejad, Loyola College from November of 1994 to the fall of 1997. AIB took over the list in 1997 and has been maintaining it since then. The Academy of International Business also houses many chapters from all over the globe and some special interest groups such as the Women in AIB (WAIB).

The main aim or purpose of the chapter is to provide AIB members of a particular geographic area, the opportunities for the exchange of ideas, for professional contacts, for the presentation of research, and for discussion of matters of the same interest and concern at times and convenient places to members. The countries in the chapter list includes China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Western Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, USA Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and West. A new organization in the AIB is the Women in the Academy of International Business (WAIB).

It was established last November of 2001 and is a networking group whose aim is to encourage networking among women faculty, PhD students in business studies, and administrators; they also offer a one-on-one mentoring session liking female junior faculty and doctoral students with senior women faculty and administrators as a way to increase the number of women who specialize in international business studies education administration, and research. And last but not the list, this group encourages research on gender-related issues in international business. The Academy of International Business offers several awards throughout the year and the recipients of the awards are recognized at the AIB annual meetings.

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