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Affordable Pricing for Training Program

When you are considering embarking upon a specialized job-training program, the last thing that you want to hear is that the cost of doing so is prohibitive. After all, chances are that a reason why you're looking in the first place is dissatisfaction with your current pay. With the current condition of the United States economy, the job market is definitely skewed towards the employers, and the wages being paid are not necessarily commensurate with the work being performed. If you are considering training in the construction equipment operation field, then, a high-priced training program may be enough to discourage and dissuade you from following through. Not so with the program offered by the National Heavy Equipment Operations School, however.

At National, we understand that job training is often required to fit into the constraints of your current occupation and demands in life, and thus our heavy equipment training program is flexible and affordable. For tuition costs comparable to community college coursework, you can complete our thorough and comprehensive two-part training program. By no means is the lower cost of National's program indicative of its quality; our facility is home to the nation's only fully accredited heavy equipment training course.

Additionally, National offers tuition financing to those who qualify, and even unemployed applicants can often take advantage of payment programs offered locally through their respective offices. Students on active military duty are also eligible for DANTES and tuition assistance. Even the lodging costs required to complete the second training phase are affordable; National has agreements with several nearby motels for student housing. The cost of our heavy equipment-training program is further offset once you successfully complete it. According to the U.S.

Department of Labor, the construction industry is one of the largest industries in the country, employing well over six million people. But your own perception can tell you as much; regardless of where you are in the nation, chances are good that there is at least one or two construction projects being completed nearby, from highway widening to mountain pass maintenance. Indeed, construction represents one of the most stable and reliable industries in today's marketplace, and according to projections it shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.

As the program at National is known and respected throughout the industry, the certificate that you receive upon program completion will open up employment doors for you all across the nation.

For more information go to or phone 1.800.488.7364. has training over 30,000 Heavy Equipment Operators.

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