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Aerospace Jobs

Becoming an aerospace engineer will mean dealing with aircraft and spacecraft. This type of position usually requires the engineer to perform his/her duties outside the Earth's atmosphere. An aerospace engineer will need to be a very dedicated team member and work to manufacture a flight vehicle that will completely balance its abilities, operation, cost, and available technology.

The different levels of aerospace engineering degrees include advanced diploma, bachelors, masters, and PhD. Aerospace jobs consist of many different types of responsibilities and designs. Being an aerospace engineer will allow you to design, develop, or test aircrafts, spacecrafts, and missiles. The position also provides the employee the advantage of moving to a supervisor position. If you are considering becoming an aerospace engineer, you may want to decide what area you are looking for. Some aerospace jobs require specialty areas that focus on structural design, management, navigation and control, instrumentation, and communication.

The aerospace job may also require a specialty in types of aerospace products including commercial aircraft, military fighter jets, helicopters, and spacecraft. This position may even require the production of missiles and rockets. There are so many different branches that are related to the aerospace industry that one can be considered an expert in the field. These include aerodynamics, thermodynamics, celestial mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, and control systems personnel.

Aerospace jobs are said to have slower-than-average growth in employment over a projection period. There is the possibility that the need for an increase in the military aerospace projects will generate new jobs and increased efficiency will help those already in their positions to grow within their companies. Although there is a slow growth with aerospace jobs, the employment opportunities projected until 2014 look favorable for those wanting to come into the field. The salaries for aerospace jobs are not very low considering the slow growth of advancement opportunities. With a Bachelors degree, the engineer usually starts at $50,993 annually, the Masters Degree level starts at $63,930, and the PhD has an annual starting salary of $72,530.

Most of these aerospace jobs require some travel. There are aerospace job listings all over the country. You can find a job in Ohio, Arizona, Virginia, California, Kansas and Washington. However, what you need to do is an area survey of what the cost of living is in certain areas. Also, the cost of living will greatly change the rate of pay for any aerospace job.

Most listed aerospace jobs are requiring 2 to 5 years of experience and at least an Associate Degree. This is an advantage for someone right out of school with the desire to achieve a higher degree. Most of these companies will encourage the employee to return to college for their Bachelors or Masters and will offer tuition reimbursement. The most rewarding benefit from this type of job is to know how much our country needs good aerospace engineers building our militaries resources for defending our country. If you are serious about finding aerospace jobs, you probably already know how important your dedication and loyalty will be for your future employer.

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